Felice Pete
Candidate for 3rd Vice Chair

Felice Pete is honored to be the wife of Dr. Karl Pete and mother to Reagan Douglass Pete.   She has been a Republican activist for 20 years.  She believes in being a republican as a noun.  She thinks that the policies initiated in this party have been the best for all Americans and civil society. 

Felice started as a volunteer in the Wake County Republican Party in 2004.  To learn more about the party, she went to work volunteering and organizing.  She worked in a variety of jobs and positions within the Wake County party.  She helped vet candidates in 2009. Then, she became the Vice President of the Wake County Republican Women’s Club and became the President from 2011-2014. While working in the WCRWC they had successful meetings and fundraisers including: round robin style meet the candidates and Ann Coulter as a speaker.

Felice loves educating women about the policies that influence our lives and our children’s lives.   She started speaking at Tea Party rallies against Obamacare and an ever more oppressive government.  She was honored to be asked to speak at the FreedomWorks 9/12 rally and introduced the Lt. Gov. of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli. She was honored to be elected to the Electoral College in 2012 at the state convention.  In 2013, She was appointed as the Chairperson of the Public Health Commission by Governor McCrory.

Felice is a proud North Carolinian who is passionate about our Judeo-Christian founding and the principles set forth in the Constitution. As a member of the Frederick Douglass Republicans, she believes combating progressivism in our culture is the civil rights issue of our day.